Locksmith FAQ in Nampa, Idaho

What is a Locksmith?

A locksmith is a trained professional who is knowledgeable in different stages of locksmith abilities. A locksmith can specialize in multiple areas such as residential deadbolts, automobiles, etc. The most common uses for a locksmith are automobile roadside assistance, residential lockouts from basic locks to access security systems, and safe & vault installations and lockouts. Locksmithing is a rapidly advancing industry that requires locksmiths to keep up to date on technology, industry changes/advancements and constant updates on security systems. AAA-1 Lock & Key offers 24/7 emergency services & roadside assistance and on-site key duplication. For services call us at 208-466-3742 or come see us at 1507 N Midland Blvd.

Can you replace my transponder key if lost or stolen?

Yes, If your current vehicle already has a transponder key, we can make a duplicate transponder key, spare, or make one from scratch. AAA-1 Lock and Key offers key duplication on site, we can get you back in your vehicle and make you a spare in a matter of minutes.

Are combination safes actually safe? Fire, flood, burglary?

Yes. AAA-1 Lock and Key offers AMSEC line security vaults for complete safety and protection. These high quality safes offer burglary protection, fire resistance and high impact resistance, along with the best protection money can buy. The premium fire safe carries the U.L Class 350 degrees, 2-hour fire and impact rating (keeping valuables safe from temperatures up to 1850 degrees) and disaster falls from a 3-story building. For those who don’t need as much security but still want to feel safe, we offer Star brand imported safes. These safes provide moderate amount of security and fire resistance, at a price you can afford. For more information on AMSEC line safes, call us at 208-466-3742 or visit us at 1507 N Midland Blvd.

If my key broke inside the ignition, can you help?

Yes, if your key should every break inside your ignition, it is important to let a professional locksmith retrieve it. Often times, when attempting to remove the broken key piece inside your ignition, you can unknowingly push the broken piece in further. This makes it harder and sometimes impossible to retrieve the missing piece without disassembling the dash to get inside. AAA-1 Lock and Key offers ignition repair and on-site key duplication, if we are unable to make a spare from the remains, we will make one from scratch.